Monistat Packaging

While working at Group 4, Christa was a part of the rebranding team to that gave Monistat, the #1 Doctor recommended brand for OTC yeast infection treatment, their new look. The Monistat brand comes with 11 products, falling under the Monistat 1, 3 or 7 day treatment, each with it's own treatment type - refillable cream, prefilled cream or ovule. Working together to create a system, Monistat has 3 color coordinated treatment systems to help aid shoppers into the right regiment. Pink - Complete Therapy offers the medicine (in whichever form desired), itch relief cream and soothing wipes, Orange - Cure & Itch Relief offers the medicine and itch relief cream, and Yellow - Simple Cure offers only the medicine. This system allows shoppers to pick and choose their desired treatment system. 

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